Healthy Home GUIDE

Our complete guide to healthy living at home. Most people spend over half of our time at home (and even more if you work from home!), so it’s one of the first places we can look to for detoxing and living a healthy lifestyle. This guide is designed to help you understand how your home impacts your health, and how […]


Get your recommended servings of fruits & veggies with our printable/fillable daily & weekly tracker: One of our top nutrition tips is to “eat the rainbow”: aim to eat foods of as many (natural!) colors as you can each day. The bright color in fruits and vegetables comes from phytonutrients, each of which has their own beneficial properties. Eating a […]

Healthy Cleaning GUIDE

Get our guide to chemical-free cleaning for a healthier home: It’s no secret that conventional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. But did you know that these chemicals are central nervous system disruptors, known carcinogens linked to cancer and birth defects, and many are toxic via inhalation? So, instead of “cleaning” your home with products that are toxic to touch and […]

Natural Beauty Guide

Beauty begins within All about “clean beauty” and what that even means!, why it’s so important to remove toxins from your beauty and personal care products, and our favorite natural beauty tips and tricks to look and feel your best. A PEEK INSIDE: What’s in conventional cosmetics and why some of those ingredients should not be applied to our skin […]

Anti-Inflammatory GROCERY LIST

Combat the effects of inflammation with our anti-inflammatory grocery list: Chronic inflammation causes a wide range of symptoms (& harmful health effects) throughout the body. Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to reduce systemic inflammation is to avoid foods that create an inflammatory response in the body, instead focusing on those that naturally reduce inflammation. Grab our checklist of what […]

fitness Guide

Our guide to fun & functional fitness. This guide is designed to help you create a fitness plan you enjoy, that fits in your schedule, and that supports a healthy lifestyle. A PEEK INSIDE: Why physical activity is so important for your overall health Practical ways to stay active in ways you enjoy The four essential elements of a comprehensive […]

Family Doctor vs. Quick-care Clinic

A family doctor is your most important health care relationship. However, there are times a quick-care clinic has its advantages. Quick-care clinics sometimes are called urgent care or walk-in clinics. They are commonly located near retail developments. They are different from emergency rooms. They do not handle emergencies. Call 911 for an emergency or go to an emergency room. Quick-care […]

Creating a Personal Health Journal (Health Diary)

A personal health journal (health diary) is a record of your health. It is a journal you keep yourself. The journal helps you keep track of every aspect of your health. Path to well being A personal health journal is an easy way to keep track of your health. Keeping track of your health history helps you to be an […]

How to Treat Common Household Injuries

Home, sweet home. There’s no place like it. You may feel your most comfortable when you’re at home, but be aware there are dangers in your home, too. You may get a cut from a kitchen knife or other household tool. Perhaps you’ll burn your hand when taking something out of the oven or handling a hot pan on the […]

Health Insurance: Understanding What It Covers

Your health insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. The policy lists a package of medical benefits such as tests, drugs, and treatment services. The insurance company agrees to cover the cost of certain benefits listed in your policy. These are called “covered services.” Your policy also lists the kinds of services that are not covered […]