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Healthy Cleaning GUIDE

Healthy Cleaning GUIDE

Get our guide to chemical-free cleaning for a healthier home:

It’s no secret that conventional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. But did you know that these chemicals are central nervous system disruptors, known carcinogens linked to cancer and birth defects, and many are toxic via inhalation? So, instead of “cleaning” your home with products that are toxic to touch and inhale, here are our suggestions for safer alternatives made from natural ingredients.

  • What’s in conventional cleaning supplies and why they’re harmful to human and pet health
  • Safer alternatives to use instead
  • Our favorite brands, plus plenty of links for easy shopping
  • Tips & tricks for cleaning your home with natural products
  • A checklist to build your nontoxic cleaning toolkit
  • A room-by-room checklist for weekly/monthly/seasonal cleaning


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