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Healthy Home GUIDE

Healthy Home GUIDE

Our complete guide to healthy living at home.

Most people spend over half of our time at home (and even more if you work from home!), so it’s one of the first places we can look to for detoxing and living a healthy lifestyle.

This guide is designed to help you understand how your home impacts your health, and how you can use it to support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Hidden toxins in your home (uh-oh!) and ways to limit them
  • Practical tips for purifying your indoor air, choosing nontoxic furniture, keeping your home clean and more
  • How to use your home to support a healthy lifestyle
  • Plenty of links if you’d like to learn more or shop a recommended item
  • A Healthy Home Checklist to work off of for your own home
  • Summaries of our Healthy Kitchen Guide, Healthy Cleaning Guide and Natural Beauty Guide


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